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About Us


The United Fraternity and Sorority Council (USFC) is the governing body for the cultural-based sororities and cultural-based fraternities. USFC chapter pride themselves on diversity, unity, and a commitment to academic achievement, political awareness and service.

Culturally relevant fraternities and sororities – Asian American, Pacific Islander, Latina/o/x, and Multicultural interest – provide members a co-curricular experience that is centered in heritage, personal identity development, and cultural appreciation. Each culturally relevant fraternity and sorority has a specific cultural basis, which is the defining quality of the United Sorority & Fraternity Council. However, none of the culturally relevant organizations are culturally exclusive. All of the greek-letter fraternities and sororities that are part of the USFC have diverse membership.

These fraternities and sororities contribute to students’ sense of community by empowering them to participate in activities and program designed for self-discovery, leadership development, mentorship, and scholastic achievement. 



Similarly to the National Pan-Hellenic Council, recognized chapters within the United Sorority & Fraternity Council each member organization conducts their recruitment & marketing, membership selection, intake and initiation as an individual process. Generally, each group will maintain a quarterly schedule of recruitment events, which are often publicized on their websites and social media.

Joining a culturally relevant sorority and fraternity, generally starts mid-way through the academic year (winter or spring quarter). Typically, a person interested in membership will attend an interest or information meeting followed by membership education and orientation. These meetings/events are posted on each chapter's social media accounts. The membership process culminates with initiation as known as "crossing."

Membership requirements will vary based on organization, please contact each organization for membership requirements.




Since 2000, members have upheld these values through academic success, philanthropy, character development and solid relationship-building skills. Our members are actively involved in many events throughout the year, allowing them to create lifelong bonds and consistently give back to the community.

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USFC has 16 Greek lettered organizations recognized by the university and their respective national boards. Throughout the academic year each chapter contributes not only to their organizations but to the whole community. Events that range from community service to academic study jams helps us eliminate exclusivity. 



With over 200 active members, we accumulate over 2500+ hours of community service per quarter. Yearly donations from chapters' philanthropies are given to partnered institutions such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, important domestic violence organizations and shelters.

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