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Zeta Phi Rho

Beta Chapter


Message From Our President

Hello everyone, my name is Maxton Lam and I am the current President of Zeta Phi Rho at UCSB. Zeta Phi Rho is a multicultural greek fraternity that places a heavy emphasis on academics, philanthropy, and brotherhood. One of the key qualities that drew me into this organization is its welcoming atmosphere. From going to my first event they hosted to spending time with brothers at their house, I have always been treated with the utmost hospitality. As members who pride ourselves on being “Distinguished Gentlemen,” I believe hospitality, along with many other qualities, separate our organization from others. Since joining Zeta Phi Rho, I have been presented with many amazing opportunities, experiences, and relationships that ultimately remind me of how grateful I am to be a part of this fraternity.


Zeta Phi Rho was founded on August 10, 1995 at the California State University of Long Beach. A group of 14 individuals came together with a vision to create a diverse group of brothers who are committed to leadership, academics, the community, and character development. Since then, Zeta Phi Rho has expanded into 10 chapters across Southern California and counting. The chapter here at UCSB is currently the farthest, but that has not stopped us from strengthening our brotherhood with other schools through means of chapter-wide philanthropies, conventions, and social events. Our fraternity’s colors are traditionally navy blue and white. Such colors can be seen at chapter-wide meetings. 

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Zeta Phi Rho at UCSB aims to help out the surrounding community through a multitude of events including beach clean-ups, helping out at IV Elementary School, and hosting fundraisers for a local issue. Our most recent fundraiser went to a non-profit organization that provides sanitary supplies to those in need in order to decrease the spread of COVID-19. There are also chapter-wide philanthropies that the fraternity annually hosts such as “Zeta Phi Skid Rho.” This is hosted by our brothers at USC and the philanthropy aims to feed the homeless population of Downtown, Los Angeles while raising awareness for the homelessness epidemic in the area. This combined effort once produced 17,341 sandwiches in under one hour, breaking the Guinness world record at the same time. Since philanthropy is one of our main pillars, we make every attempt to be a positive influence in our community. 

Other Information

Instagram: ucsbzetaphirho 

Facebook: UCSB Zeta Phi Rho 

Rush Chair: Anthony Pena, (415) 994-0395

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