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Welcome to

United Sorority and Fraternity Council

University of California
Santa Barbara

Winter Greeks 2023


Our Purpose

The United Fraternity and Sorority Council (USFC) is the governing body for the cultural-based sororities and cultural-based fraternities. USFC chapters pride themselves on diversity, unity, and a commitment to academic achievement, political awareness, and service.


-  Tiffany Nguyen

Chi Delta Theta

"Joining Chi Delta Theta gave me a home away from home that I would not have had without this sorority. My greatest moments from my college career came from the girls that I can gratefully call my sisters. From the educational process to active-hood, I was able to expand my cultural circle, catalyze leadership, help others through community service, and gain numerous opportunities and experiences. The invaluable lessons I learned and received from Chi Delts left me with a network of loyal friends."


-  Dallana Jimenez

Sigma Alpha Zeta

"The new member process of Sigma Alpha Zeta Multicultural Sorority, Inc. taught me how to separate business and personal experiences which has helped me grow as a leader by developing my ability to receive and take constructive criticism. The process also taught me to build on my time management skills while prioritizing my education. I was taught how to trust and build long lasting relationships with my sisters as well as how to communicate effectively. The process taught me how to work well under pressure and I am forever grateful that I was able to experience it

all and learn so much. I love my Sigma Alpha Zeta till the end."


-  Graciela Parodi

Lambda Theta Nu

"Joining Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Inc. has not only helped me manage my time more effectively, but it has also increased my confidence in public speaking. Being apart of this wonderful organization gave me the opportunity to build not just the skills mentioned above, but other essential skills like: organization, planning, and responsibility. In turn, these skills have helped me with my social and professional interactions. Joining a Greek organization is extremely beneficial as it helps guide you through your college experience and also helps you find a strong support system, especially in a big campus like UCSB. Some tips if you’re leaning towards Greek life: 

1. Do your research on the organizations to see if their ideals interest you!

2. Reach out to the people in the sorority/fraternity of your interest.

3. Go to events! Meet the members and socialize to see if they’re the right fit for you!"

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 7.58.46 AM.png

-  Jose Torres

Sigma Lambda Beta

"My new member process was a very challenging and rewarding learning experience. I was able to develop certain skill sets such as strict time management, a stronger work ethic, and increased motivation for my academics. I also spent a lot of time creating and strengthening new long-lasting friendships with my LBs, those who joined me in the new member process. We constantly supported each other, held each other accountable, and became very close friends who can count on each other. I learned to take initiative, work better in a team, and to prioritize my academics over anything else. I’m glad I took part in the new member process and for those considering it, I would strongly recommend it because I wouldn’t be the determined and motivated individual I am now without the process."

Greek Life Member's Testimony

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