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Sigma Alpha Zeta Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

Gamma Chapter


Message From Our President

My name is Mina Santamaria, I am the 2020-2021 President for Sigma Alpha Zeta Multicultural Sorority Inc. Our organization strives for the upward mobility of women by creating a safe space for people looking to support their community while also supporting each other as individuals.  Something unique about our organization is that our sisterhood extends beyond just your 4 years at UCSB. We are very proud of our Alumni involvement and continue to include our graduated sisters into our events. We also maintain close relationships with our neighboring chapters such as CSUN and UCLA by creating support systems and actively engaging in each other's activities. Our sisterhood is the glue of our sorority; Everything we do wouldn't be possible without the love and compassion that we aid each other with. By creating a professional setting within our floor, Sigma Alpha Zeta, is able to emphasize the importance of time management within our personal and academic lives. To finish off we have a very meaningful quote that pushes us to continue striving for excellence, "In the hour of adversity be not without hope, for crystal rain falls from gray clouds." 


Sigma Alpha Zeta was established in 1992 to promote multiculturalism, sisterhood, community service, and education. The motivation behind the creation of this organization was to help with the lack of unity amongst women of color on campus and the need to embrace these differences with open arms. In May, 1999, fourteen amazing women established Sigma Alpha Zeta's Gamma Chapter at UC Santa Barbara. We have grown to be a highly respected organization on campus by dedicating our time and efforts to our academics, sisterhood, and community. 


  • Founding Date: October 17, 1992

  • Colors: Hunter Green, Navy Blue, and White

  • Mascot: Dolphin

  • Stone: Diamond 

  • Flowers: Red & White Rose 

  • Motto: Sisterhood Through Education

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Our Philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness, was created to be able to educate students and different sectors of our community about Domestic Violence while also raising funds to donate to our local Domestic Violence Solutions Center in Downtown Santa Barbara. In the month of October, we host our Domestic Violence Awareness week where we team up with campus entities to host workshops on healthy relationships as well as candlelight vigils to honor survivors. In the Spring, we host an annual 5k run on our UCSB Campus called Run For Love. Since this event was created it has always ran successfully, recruiting 100+ participants, raising hundreds of dollars every year, and bringing attention to such a grave issue in our society. All of our philanthropy events are open to the public. To learn more information about how you can volunteer you can reach out to our events coordinator on any social media platform. 

Other Information

  • Every year we recognize our members with the highest GPA as well as most improved members. 

  • Fun Fact: Since 1999, the College Link Outreach Program (CLOP) has been the biggest outreach program at UCSB that brings 150 socioeconomically disadvantaged high school students from LA and Oakland with the goal of inspiring them to achieve higher education. 

  • Fun Fact: Every year, our organization has been recognized by the University and its affiliates for our outstanding efforts in Community Service, Alumni Relations, and Campus Involvement. 

  • Our organization requires a minimum amount of 10 community service hours per quarter; Many of our events include promoting Domestic Violence Awareness as well as outreaching to low income highschool students and much more. 

  • You must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA to be able to join SAZ. 

  • Our quarterly fees are $80. We provide financial assistance by offering members weekly payment plans. 

Recruitment Chair Info:

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