Sigma Kappa Chi Sorority Inc.

Alpha Chapter


Message From Our President

My name is Jinny Kim from Sigma Kappa Chi Sorority Inc., as well as the newly elected president for the new term. Although I was not necessarily interested in joining greek life when I entered college, I was attracted to this sorority because of the people, and how I saw myself spending the rest of my college years with them. Joining Sigma Kappa Chi was one of the best decisions I’ve made in college, and I am so thankful for those around me who constantly support me to be a better leader, better person. I believe that the nature of sororities/fraternities are different from clubs, because it requires every single member to work together, and no one is left behind. Greek life is a commitment, but it is one that will positively impact your life, because you learn to collaborate as a team, and contribute for the betterment of your own people that you love and care for. Being a part of the greek community allows you to interact with people you’ve never met before both inside and outside of your org., make lifelong connections, and bring you a sense of comfort that your voice will be heard and supported in this community.


Sigma Kappa Chi was founded in April of 1993 on the campus of UCSB. Our sorority was first arranged by our beloved founding mothers when they recognized the growing population of Asian-American women on our campus. They wanted to develop an organization that would fulfill the needs of the Asian-American women, provide sisterhood for the women at the UCSB campus, cultural awareness in the community, as well as pursuit of academic excellence. We are currently the only chapter of this sorority, but we are working on collaborating with our alumnae to further expand our chapter. Our sorority colors are Forest Green and Burgundy, and our symbol is the Sun.

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Our sorority has a pillar that represents philanthropy and giving back to the community. As an organization, sisters of Sigma Kappa Chi strive to positively impact the community, whether that be children in Isla Vista elementary school, picking up trash at the beach and around the blocks of Isla Vista, or fundraising for a specific cause. We are a nonprofit organization, meaning none of our proceeds go to an individual of our group. 

Other Information

Recruitment Chair’s contact information:

Instagram: @sigmakappachi


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