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Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. 

Epsilon Delta Chapter


Message From Our President

Hello, my name is Violet Tejeda (she,her), I am a 3rd year Linguistics with an Emphasis on Speech Language Sciences and Disorders major, and I am the president of Sigma Lambda Gamma- EnvieD Epsilon Delta. I joined Sigma Lambda Gamma because they welcomed me with open arms and accepted me for me. When I was around sisters , it felt like home and I knew that I wanted that for myself. I also saw myself aligning with the SLG values and wanted to contribute more to my community. I decided to become President of Sigma Lambda Gamma because I take a lot of pride in my organization. I also see myself aligning a lot with the SLG values. In the short amount of time that I’ve been in SLG, I have been able to grow a lot in all aspects of my life and I want to be that person to support sisters and help them grow as well.


Sigma Lambda Gamma was founded in 1990 at the University of Iowa, Iowa City Iowa and was established here at UCSB in 2010! Our colors are Shocking Pink and Majestic Purple. Our mascot is a purple panther. Today, we have 114 womxn of distinction in our chapter. SLG represents over 113 ethnicities and cultures and we have 100+ chapters across the nation from coast to coast. We also branch out from the Divine 9, which are the first 9 historically Black sororities and fraternities on college campuses and because of that we do have the Divine Right to step and stroll. 



Sigma Lambda Gamma has 2 philanthropies, Breast Cancer Awareness and the TRIO program. Breast Cancer impacts 1 out of 8 women, so it is extremely important that we spread awareness as a sorority since it can affect women across the nation and the world. The TRIO program helps provide educational opportunities for disadvantaged students, which our members value since we believe everyone deserves the right to proper education. These philanthropies are chosen because one of our values is positively influencing the global community, which is accomplished through helping locally and nationally when we can. A non-affiliated member is always encouraged to help with these programs! You can either donate to them directly or join us in some of our many philanthropy events throughout the year. For breast cancer awareness, October is filled with fundraising and educational opportunities!

Other Information

  • Awards/recognitions received at UCSB: Community Service - Unsung Heroes Award & Recruitment-Dashing Debut Award

  • Colors and/or mascot: Purple Panther , Majestic Pink and Shocking Purple

  • Nickname(s) or how you informally go by: Gammas

  • Requirements to join: During Fall Quarter we have various recruitment events that surround our five pillars and our philanthropy. These events are open to everyone and it allows for all of us to get to know each other. 

  • Costs: There are dues twice a year, however we do offer payment plans for any Sister that might require it.

  • Social Media: Instagram @Enviedgammas

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